A FIG-gy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of food, family, friends and mostly – gratitude.  We are thankful for another exciting year of working towards changing the world with our clients through strategic, honest, real and joyful business. Here at FIG we have a few family traditions for this holiday – from hiking (by the ocean, in the mountains or in the desert) to watching football all day and indulging in nutty desserts. Here are a few favorites – and Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!

Sylvia’s family traditions:

“For 30+ years our family meets up with about 20+ friends early on Thanksgiving morning for our own ‘Turkey Trot’ at Colorado Chautauqua to hike the Bluebell Trail. I always pack hot cocoa and sometimes we spike it. Well, we almost always spike it. Global warming has impacted another tradition in that we almost always had snow and snow ball fights back in the early years. It’s been a long time since there’s been snow on the ground at Thanksgiving. Our other Thanksgiving tradition is we ALWAYS have it on Friday instead of Thursday. This started as my mom’s ritual as she would work as a nurse at the hospital on real Thanksgiving in exchange for getting Christmas off. This meant we just always celebrated on Fridays. When Lyle and I worked at Alfalfa’s we were so exhausted by holiday traffic in our stores, we embraced my mom Sally’s tradition to de-stress the holidays and open up time for all the important and good stuff.”


Genae’s family traditions:

“We are in a new state and place this year – so all of our traditions are looking a bit different. The only cardinal rule we share as a family is that we relax and spend the day doing things we enjoy with people we love. Sometimes that means taking a hike in the mountains, spending the day on the Sound (the Seattle days!) or watching football all day while cooking and sharing stories with people in the kitchen. Oh, and there must be wine. ? That’s the other cardinal rule…”


Emily’s family traditions:

“We celebrate Thanksgiving a bit nontraditionally these days – we still do a big family dinner the weekend before Thanksgiving, and then my fiancee and I (along with family and friends who are up for joining) take off for the desert of Moab to spend a little time in nature instead of falling for the Black Friday shopping madness! We hike, ride dirt bikes, star gaze, enjoy a big desert bonfire, share Thanksgiving dinner (prepared in a camper) with friends, and are grateful for laughter, adventure and being outside.”


Ashley’s family traditions:

“First things first, I ride my horse! And usually I bring my family along with me. As of last year, my husband and I became the official Thanksgiving hosts for our family. My parents, and sometimes his parents and brothers, all congregate at our home in Alamosa. We all cook together — I always make the turkey and stuffing, my mom bakes the pies, and everyone else owns a side dish. It’s way more fun that way! After our meal, we all take a family dog walk by the Rio Grande then watch a silly romantic comedy. It’s simple, low stress, and cozy.”