FIG Denver is born (and so is our new influencer network)

For a few months, we’ve been teasing out some news and we are so excited to finally share TWO big announcements with you….

First up – FIG has officially opened a new office in Denver at The Source. Yep – that’s right! Our new Denver location, surrounded by artisan food retailers and restaurants, is a perfect fit for our long standing commitment to the good food movement since 1996. It also places our agency directly in the middle of the Mile High City’s exciting and progressive food scene – somewhere we definitely want to be. (Not to mention our lunch / snack / happy hour options just got dangerously delicious!)

Denver makes sense on three fronts for FIG: it’s where our talent either lives now or wants to live; it’s alive with its commitment to healthy and utterly delicious food; and it’s swiftly becoming the next epicenter for food entrepreneurship.

the source
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In addition to our big move, FIG has also launched a new SaaS platform titled Confluence Network that specializes in creating and streamlining influencer marketing campaigns. The platform features a database of 45,000 opt-in influencers and provides micro-targeting capabilities for influencers based on category, location, demographic and audience. Confluence Network also provides real-time analytics and automates necessary campaign steps such as legal compliance, FTC compliance and payments.

We chose to invest in and launch this new service because the power of word-of-mouth continues to serve as the steady source for brand recommendations. In fact, Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, states that 92% of consumers trust ‘earned advertising’ over all other forms of advertising. Given the trust and interest many consumers (particularly millennials) have in social media and online influencers, brands have the opportunity to harness the power of peer-to-peer recommendations by investing in online influencers to speak on their behalf. Confluence Network reaches thoroughly vetted and targeted key influencers sans the administrative headache, while providing impressive tracking analytics.

We’re proud to be boutique and mighty. We’re proud to be a new member of the Denver food scene. And we are proud that FIG is the first PR agency in Colorado to offer Confluence Network to our clients and other digitally-savvy brands. We continue onward and upward in 2016!