FIGISM #10: Like A Rolling Stone

OG FIGs Sylvia and Sarah at an Organic Farming Research Foundation breakfast at The Colorado Chautauqua in 2005. 

Like the Rolling Stones, our more seasoned FIGs have been playing the PR gig for a long time – some for over 25 years. In the good old days the recipe for a great placement was simple: craft a compelling release, fax it to a handful of contacts with an offer of lunch and mail a printed media kit made from real trees. Today’s PR landscape is larger, faster and noisier. One line pitches with hyperlinks can be sent instantly to an infinite number of writers, bloggers and influencers within a news cycle that is truly 24/7. Of course, we have harnessed every new tool to get results for our clients, but there’s still value in old school PR. Building and maintaining relationships is more important than ever. Crafting well researched, dynamic stories helps clients reach multiple audiences. And, the ability to differentiate between real news, education, fluff and spin helps them stay relevant.

Some of us may be Sixties chicks, but we’ve gathered no moss on our way to delivering cutting edge PR in 2017.

What practices do you think have changed most in PR? Share in the comments section below.