FIGISM #11: Activate Influencers

FIG partnered influencer FitFoodieFinds with client truRoots to create engaging and educational recipes.

More studies are finding traditional advertising does not work on millennials. We are distrusting of big brands and corporations and know that when celebrities promote products they are paid to do so. However, we do trust our friends, family, reviews, and — most importantly — influencers.

This trend is why FIG is excited to announce its Confluence Network. The FIG Confluence Network allows CPG brands and nonprofits to create unique, targeted and successful outreach and marketing campaigns by tapping the networks of various influencers. From Power Pinners to the Insta-Famous to YouTube Gurus, FIG’s Confluence Network taps into influencers’ extremely engaged communities. FIG’s platform boasts a database of 45,000 opt-in influencers and provides micro-targeting capabilities for influencers based on category, location, demographic and audience.

Influencer Marketing is the fastest growing marketing trend in 2017 for two reasons: 1) Consumers are becoming more savvy and have a higher BS meter when it comes to celebrities selling products for money, not because they believe in them, and 2) Brands have a direct line to those who are already naturally interested in their product. These combined catalyze higher brand awareness, sales and brand loyalty. FIG’s Confluence Network provides in-depth reporting and accountability.

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