FIGISM #7: Feminist, Not Fabulous

Kicking off the FIG retreat with our annual go-cart racing tradition – we’re not afraid to get a little wild!

Truth be told, it can be hard to fight the ‘Fabulous PR girl’ stereotype – but those of you who know us know that we are anything but ‘fabulous’ at FIG. Stilettos and gossip have never been our thing, and we certainly don’t party with celebrities for a living. On the contrary, as a woman-founded, woman-owned agency, we have good reason to identify as feminists. In our industry today, and in business in general, women have more opportunities than ever before – yet we are still being judged on our appearance and clothing choices rather than our intelligence, risk-taking and business acumen.

The time has never been more ripe for us to stand up and (continue to) speak out: we are here, we are smart, we are strong, we are innovative, we are nurturing, we care about our clients and each other – and yes, we happen to be women, too. Get over it.