FIGISM #16: Relationships are the foundation of good PR

At FIG, we believe that genuine relationships are key to successful PR. It’s not just about pitching a story, it’s about building authentic relationships over time. One such example of a long term relationship yielding exceptional results manifested in a recent EatingWell Magazine feature article about FIG client Savory Institute entitled “This Man Wants You to Eat More Meat” by renowned food author and journalist Barry Estabrook.

FIG founder Sylvia met Barry at a culinary conference many years ago and despite his initial qualms at fraternizing with someone in the PR biz, they bonded over a shared love of gardening and organic food. At the time, Barry was the features writer for Gourmet Magazine. Over the years, they stayed in touch — Barry even visited Sylvia’s farm on occasion and fell hard (understandably) for her dog Bucket. When Savory Institute came on board as a client, Sylvia took note of Barry and Savory’s shared values, and introduced them at a casual lunch. A year later, this excellent article highlighting Savory’s work in regenerative agriculture, led by environmentalist rebel Allan Savory, was published.

Building authentic relationships requires time, generosity, common interests, and just being real. And its something we should never take for granted.

By Ashley Greco