Heather KennedyHeather Kennedy

A consumer marketing specialist, Heather has 15 years of experience in marketing, product development and communications.

As a Brand Manager at Kraft Foods Heather worked on strategy development, advertising, financial management and new product development. At Whole Foods Market, she served as the National Marketing Director where she developed the annual marketing strategy, managed the integration of in-store and digital programs, developed sponsorships and collaborated with regional marketing teams. When not at FIG, Heather teaches marketing at the University of Denver and loves to hike with her remarkably leggy standard poodle, Sophie.

FIG Fun Facts

  • Least Favorite Catch Phrase that should be abolished — “Think outside the box” — a little overused, don’t you think?
  • Best meal — Pinxtos in San Sebastian, Spain. Every bar in town puts out an incredible display of the Basque form of tapas.I’ve never eaten so well
  • Biggest adventure — After driving over a high mountain pass in Tibet (16,500 feet) I managed to contract altitude sickness  while staying in an unheated “hotel” with a toothpick holding the door closed. After I recovered, we visited a stunning monastery and sat among 200 chanting monks. They’re voices had such depth that my own lungs vibrated from the sound. In 24 hours I went from one of the scariest moments of my life to the most beautiful. As they say, contrast is the essence of vision!